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See: Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards The Institute of example of the tension between a company's ethical standards and national law. In this game, students identify how the IMA's standards and principles are either upheld or provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act. Ockree Intermediate Financial Accounting I.

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Despite all of this, feminism should be about solidarity first. And what's wrong with being naked anyway? If I never see another photo of Miley Cyrus gyrating on the crotch of an older male musician ever again, it will be too soon. Hannah Montana — mugging for the camera, all embellished denim and wide-eyed innocence to the delight of monetised tweens — needs to be a distant-ish memory just far enough that the generation who grew up watching her will want to spend money on her music, of course for Cyrus and her record label.

Miley being "artfully" naked and "exploring her boundaries" is not necessarily a problem. But the commentary accompanying recent antics is worth some study. When Miley does it, complete with other accoutrements of "black culture" including gold teeth and fat black bodies , the outcry is immediate and sustained. Her "breaking out" video was met with derision and a couple of concerned blogposts in some quarters, but still largely ignored.


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Black bodies are not equal to white ones. The charge of "corruption" and sullied innocence sits more easily when the "victim" looks like Cyrus.

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Both music videos feature a full-frame close up of a crop-haired woman weeping. In , O'Connor's film featured moody shots of the singer striding around a garden wearing a black full-length military-style overcoat and looking lonely. In contrast, Wrecking Ball moves straight from the close-up of Cyrus to scenes of her gyrating in a crop top and knickers, fellating an axe and writhing naked on a ball. I'm not sure how the song lyrics warrant full-on nudity. And nor would my children if asked. To them, a son as well as two small girls, female singers stripping off and imitating sex acts while singing is the norm.

Sex always sells but why is it nearly always female singers prostituting their bodies? Age ratings for music videos — one of the results of the Bailey review on the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood — come into place next year and little is known as yet how much they will tackle sexualised images of women and girls. Classifications are a blunt tool but they work for films, largely, so why not music?

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In the interview with Rolling Stone magazine that kicked off the latest controversy, the year-old Cyrus described the Wrecking Ball video as "the most modern version" of O'Connor's hit. We gotta do something like that'.

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His music has never even been available on iTunes. In , he launched his own digital download store, called GhostTunes, which sells his back catalog along with works by a variety of other artists. The band has never even released a greatest hits collection, according to SPIN magazine.

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Radiohead jumped into the digital revolution headfirst with the unconventional release of In Rainbows in The album was first distributed online and fans could pay whatever they wanted for the release. Since then, though, band frontman Thom Yorke has become a vocal critic of Spotify, arguing that it was hard for new artists to earn meaningful revenue from the service.

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The world-famous producer had built up more than a decade of anticipation for Compton , his first LP in 16 years. By Victor Luckerson March 29, Kanye West - The Life of Pablo. Taylor Swift — They make nothing, and when money is earned, give nothing back to the industry. The arbitrary price they set on music is not discussed with neither the label or the artist, yet they profit from it. They must be annhilated, like all other parasite industries. Possibly, hopefully, fostering the belief that we can all make money together and paying money for lawsuits and lawyers get us nowhere.

This was made worse when the forum was put to the floor and some songwriter comes up to suggest that viruses be placed in songs…so that you, my dears, your iphones will blow up if you share music. No your Royal madness did not go up to the panel to speak her mind because…she knows a lost cause when she sees one.