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Your tax-deductible donation made to LARB by pm, December 31, will be doubled thanks to an anonymous donor. The most immediately striking aspect of the novel, for those familiar with her work featuring strong and struggling contemporary women, is the almost total absence of female characters in the central story. But her aim seems to me to be something other than an imitation of the macho-centric literary form.

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The Long Drop , whose title prefigures the fate of the man on trial for murder throughout the book, is a critique of the culture that noir so effectively portrays. The beginning of The Long Drop is classic noir. The novel uses the atmosphere and inevitability of noir to capture this cultural setting and the actual events on which the novel is based: the trial of Peter Manuel, a Scottish-American serial killer. She uses the story like one of those coin-operated binoculars at a scenic overlook to focus on the Gorbals, a working-class area of Glasgow that was bulldozed in the name of urban redevelopment soon after the killer in her story was hanged.

But she also decries not only the ugliness of the area at the time but also its prevalent violence, especially violence against women. The story focuses at first on two men, William Watt and Peter Manuel. Watt is accused of the murder of his wife, her sister, and his daughter, as well as the rape of the daughter; he is demonized by the press and his standing as a businessman is ruined. But while Watt is despicable in his own right even if innocent of the crimes , Manuel is a sociopath with numerous previous brutal rapes and murders in his past, if not on his conscience.

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Without glossing over the many and significant differences between these two men, Mina draws a line of commonality between them, as well as between the pair and the culture that spawned them, and between their story and the literary genre to which that story belongs. In the chapters of the novel that alternate with the murder trial, Peter Manuel is himself terrorized by the threat implied by the fact that Dandy is looking for him. I became very interested in stories of miscarriages of justice and read several books, read hundreds of internet articles and followed many campaigns. In the seaside suburb of Portobello, Edinburgh, a dark secret from the past hangs over the present.

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A crime which has cast a shadow over the area and the family ever since. Brother Tom and best friend Sarah in particular have never forgotten that dreadful day when their Shona died and their worlds came crashing down.

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Now, modern technology and DNA show that the man who was convicted of killing Shona could not have committed the crime. So who did?

Set in Edinburgh, the Outer Hebrides and South Africa, the real horror of who killed a young girl all those years ago is revealed, across the years and across continents. Island life. Tom meets old relatives, delves into his own family history and in particular that of his father as he spends time to scatter his mothers ashes and remember her homeland.

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This is a rural, windswept place, the silver water of the Eriskay sound and the traditional wooly jumpers. With hills of ancient rock and Eriskay, South Ulst and Barra having remained catholic whilst other islands became protestant, religion tradition and community are important here.

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Sarah, married to this golden boy becomes involved in the discovery of the truth and she and Tom become close. A small town starts to look in on itself and all that it has thought and known for years has been a lie. There is still a killer in its midst who has been hiding in plain sight all these years.

This was a cracking debut! Had the pleasure of meeting the author at an event and she is passionate about her work and her debut so I really wanted to read this long before I received it! The small island setting and nostalgic trip back to the past, the horrors of the school reunion and the secrets which come back to haunt.

The plot weaved its way in and out of the present and the past and built up a knot of circumstances and twisted secrets. The characters were people everyone of us knows in some way — so believable and complex. She got me doubting everyone at some point and feeling for their concerns.

The author has had this story in her head for some years now she says and only later thanks to encouragement did she decide to write it. I left the island in November And drifted. And writing sometimes about the island and what the experience had meant to me. And, through the writing, figuring out — in an unconscious, subconscious way — what it was about Gavin Maxwell and the Highlands that had so obsessed me from boyhood.

For some reason I decided to decamp to Krabi in Thailand, where I checked into the cheapest room in a hotel in the centre of town it was one of two rooms at the top of the building. I think the other these were more like cells really was used for, ahem, short-time occupancy, judging by the noises coming through the wall. I wrote and rewrote and edited. I figured it would be a numbers game.

I got an agent that October. The day after he agreed to take me on, I got another two rejection letters from agents. It makes you laugh in the end. So, frustrated, I said goodbye to the agent in October and send out another nine submissions to publishers. I hooked one.

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  • Or to be precise — I hooked five, within the space of three weeks. If you want to make it as a writer, get a thick skin and understand well — none of this is personal. And connecting with the right editor for your work. Opportunity comes in the form of a tiny island in the Scottish Highlands. Dan Boothby had been searching for the perfect place for years. He had no ties, family or possessions to speak of but just wanted the perfect place to land. He sets up home in the Kyleakin Lighthouse, the last home of the author and then he sets about creating his own story as he attempts to better understand the mysterious Gavin Maxwell.

    Going to see where he lived and wrote? Sounds like a booktrailer to us. But going to live in the lighthouse where the author last lived? Now that is dedication. He went to live in an abandoned home on a shingle beach and settled there with only the otters for company. The landscape is the main characters here from the seasons, to the Gaelic personalities each of them have Skye is known as the Misty Isle. Richly evocative of life — the island is awash with it and alive with sound.

    There at last, at the mouth of Lock Alsh, sitting beneath the sleek , grey stretch of the Skye Bridge, The tiny lighthouse island. The windows of the cottage wink, the Cuillin mountains rise massive and disinterested behind. Years later, is there a copy cat murderer on the loose? The police suspect and Archibald Atto, later imprisoned for other murders, and think they have got their man.

    Former detective Danny Neilson spots similarities between the new murder and those he investigated in — but Atto is still behind bars so who is terrorizing Glasgow now? Glasgow is the setting the main character and the scene of fear from s across the years.


    Blimey this is not the Glasgow you would have wanted to visit. The nightclubs of the city are being stalked by a man known as Red Silk and several woman were murdered in a particularly gruesome way. There is even a club having a Be Red Silk night in the twisted hope that the killer might be attracted to attend. Fear is endemic and the city is scared —. They called it the City of the Dead. The Sprawling Gothic landscape that perched over Glasgow and contained the remains of fifty thousand lost souls.

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    • Now it held fifth thousand and one. Another body appears the next day. Historic crime returning? Or is Atto simply playing a game of mental chess. The streets of Glasgow blend with those of the past and the nightclub scene is still as vibrant as ever.

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      Gallows humour and a cemetery tour of Glasgow, an insight into the bowels of the city? Cemeteries are eerie places at the best of times but the dual time line story make them all the more so by linking past and present death. The verdict? A gritty read about the bonds between parent and child and the threads which can unravel as well as bound us together. From the tip of Scotland to the southern most point of the British Isles.

      Margaret, a school teacher, is rescued from a burning car.