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See: Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards The Institute of example of the tension between a company's ethical standards and national law. In this game, students identify how the IMA's standards and principles are either upheld or provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act. Ockree Intermediate Financial Accounting I.

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The biggest problem is the spacebar. If we had left this review exactly as we wrote it on the Gemini, it would be littered with double spaces between some words and no space at all between others. One time in ten it would register two spaces rather than one, no matter how we adjusted the Gemini's keyboard settings. We read one review that suggested you could get round this by pressing the spacebar in the middle, but if we're typing at speed the whole point of the spacebar is that one of our thumbs can do the job.

Of course you can find-and-replace afterwards unless you're in an email client that doesn't support it , but that's still a pain. For us, the Gemini is also a fraction too narrow. If it had been a centimetre or two wider then Planet Computers could have included a proper-sized Enter key.

All too often we find ourselves hitting the apostrophe by accident. When touch typing, we also find our left thumb in an awkward position touching our right hand; this became uncomfortable after a couple of minutes. And we don't have big hands.

In as much as you can have hard data for typing speed, this again isn't on the side of the Gemini. Over the course of our week with the Gemini we kept on testing our speed, and never got over 40 words per minute. We can hit 70wpm on a full-size keyboard and, most damningly, we typically reach about 35wpm using the Android keyboard on a normal phone.

This is a huge shame. But the minor design flaws translate into major real-life frustrations.

Jacob Gowans

Perhaps we could train ourselves out of them if we used the Gemini for a few weeks, but there's no guarantee. There are other frustrations too, especially if you intend for this to become your main device. If you think about your daily usage of a phone, much of it is a straight interaction with a screen - and a screen designed to be used in portrait mode. Take browsing the web. Scrolling down a page is so simple on a normal phone that your brain goes into neutral.

With the Gemini, the keyboard just gets in the way.

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Even if you hold it in landscape mode, it feels awkward and you're constantly scrolling to read the text. You'll quickly become tired of entering the PIN each time: there's no fingerprint reader, and you have to prod the screen rather than tap the physical keyboard.

See a Problem?

At least you can enable Google's Smart Lock so that it stays unlocked so long as it's on-body or near to a Bluetooth device that you've set up for example, a smartwatch. There are some signs this is a first-generation device too.

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The fact you can't charge using the USB-C port on the right-hand side, for example, and that this device gets rather toasty if you charge it using a 5A charger. Nor are we fans of the screen protector that Gemini puts on. This dulls the screen's colours and our unit had an annoying air bubble at the top right; we quickly removed it with the help of a Stanley knife.

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There are some plus points to the design, and ones that point to this being a secondary email machine rather than your main phone. Let's say it's 7. It's perfectly possible to do this on a normal phone, but only with two hands free. You can sit the Gemini in front of you and flick through emails with one hand while eating your morning bagel with the other.

The PSION Adventure - Part 2

This is one time where the keyboard works well too. In a way it's better suited to hunt-and-peck typists than touch typists, so if you want to bash out a quick reply then it feels quicker than with a normal phone. The voice assistant works well too. When closed, you can press it and a beep tells you that Google Assistant is now listening.

Give it a command - such as "Call Karen Smith", where Karen is saved in your contacts list - and lo it shall happen. That's particularly handy for phone calls, because you don't want to open up the clamshell, navigate to the Phone app and find the contact you want to call. If you receive a call, there is theoretically a way to assign a unique pattern of flashing LEDs to show who's on the line before you accept it. It's no substitute for an external LCD, but will surely appeal to the geek audience most likely to buy the Gemini. The screen itself is a good example of its type. These books are so good.

I've been reading them since Psion Beta came out. I'm a huge fan of Jacob Gowans. Hopefully more will. Wednesday, June 4, Sammy, a year-old fugitive, accidentally discovers he has the powers of a Psion. Plucked off the streets, he is thrust into the rigorously-disciplined environment of Psion Beta headquarters.


As a new Beta, Sammy must hone his newfound abilities using holographic fighting simulations, stealth training missions, and complex war games. His fellow trainees are other kids competing to prove their worth so they can graduate and contribute to the war effort.

Thèmes parents

But the stifling competition at headquarters isolates Sammy from his peers. Learning to use his incredible powers is difficult enough, but when things go horribly wrong on a routine training mission, he must rely on the other Betas to stay alive. The Silent War is at a tipping point; even one boy can be the difference.

But to do so, he must survive.