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She explains she discovered the existence of the "Otherworld" by accident, as she used her magic to wish herself to a place where "people needed her most" and she ended up in another dimension. She is the head of the Fairy Council until her death in book 3. Though she is capable of traveling between worlds without a portal, she uses her magic to open a door for Mother Goose to travel through that Dr. Bob also uses to get into the Land of Stories.

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She and Mother Goose share a secret; she has a second son, Lloyd, whom everyone thinks is dead. She makes Mother Goose promise never to tell anyone [8]. He was imprisoned in Pinocchio Prison for trying to steal the Portal Potion ; the Fairy Godmother had him masked so no one would know it was him.

Flashbacks and memories in Beyond the Kingdoms show the Fairy Godmother struggling with her son's behavior and doing her best to make him happy. After some advice from her friend Hans Christian Andersen , she offers Lloyd a potion to turn his favorite books into a portal, but he declines. When she consults the Hall of Dreams to try and find out what he wants instead, she finds out his biggest dream is to destroy the Land of Stories and kill her, so she takes him into the forest and "kills his magic", hoping that will stop him.

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Lloyd swears he will never forgive her, and begins to plot his revenge. Since the twins' father died, leaving their mother to struggle financially, the Fairy Godmother tended to stop by in the Otherworld every now and then and bring a lot of supplies and gifts, filling their fridge and cooking special dinners.

Alex and Conner cared about her very much, and she had a good relationship with her daughter-in-law as well. In The Enchantress Returns , she is absent for a long time, and then shows up but doesn't tell the twins much about the danger the Land of Stories is in, in order to protect them.

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While she initially showed love and care for Ezmia loving her "like a daughter" [11] , she gradually pulled away when she realized Ezmia has changed and has become cruel and mean-spirited. The Fairy Godmother is a widow. Her husband used to travel with her between worlds and she describes him as the "love of her life".

She tells the twins that he died shortly before her son John was born [12] , though it can be assumed that this is a lie, as he is also the father of John's younger brother Lloyd. In Beyond the Kingdoms , her son Lloyd accuses her of loving her first-born son more than him, and his grudge against her intensifies after she takes away his magic. In An Author's Odyssey , Mrs.

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Peters tells Alex and Conner she was one of the sick children the Fairy Godmother visited in the hospital, and it inspired her to become a teacher. When their mother is kidnapped, the Fairy Godmother arranges for Alex and Conner's protection, but does not anticipate that they activate a portal and go to the Land of Stories themselves to find their mother. She seems to be aware of their presence at the Happily Ever After Assembly despite their disguise and gives them her veiled support to fight Ezmia.

She agrees to let Alex stay and become the next Fairy Godmother-in-training. The Fairy Godmother is training Alex to be her successor, but admits to feeling very tired- a result, she says, of finally having found the right person for the job.

Her magic is failing and her latest spells become undone because she is dying. My one regret was my 11 year old niece would never wear the beautiful rose colored, empire waist, classic, flowing, chiffon dress. My niece is a singer and got passed over for the lead and was crushed because everyone said she was the best singer in school and she so wanted the lead but she still got a big role in a fantastic play. You know how fast kids grow… 2 years?!

Life with the real life Fairy Godmother

It fit though. Oh, my god. She looked so stunning. She was a mixture of my beautiful sister, me, and my mother how she used to be… her presence was amazing. She stole the show hands down, even in the second lead. Her voice was amazing, she looked so beautiful my heart swelled for my little baby, up there shining and singing and beautiful inside and out.

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  • And next to me was a man who loves me so well. And what a use of the dress!

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    Not worn once to a wedding that would have ended in abuse and divorce! She starred in the dress!

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    And SANG! She shone and sparkled more beautifully than she ever had in her life! We will always remember seeing her sing in that dress! God bless her. Live an extraordinary life and awaken your dreams!